"Born to follow my dreams? Or born to lead my teams?— My certainty is that, I was born to fight my way through life and win."

Summer of 2006, the New York heat surprised Sonika— Someone told her "Sonika,I see your passion , drive and intensity. You would be the best person to start a finishing school in India". Taking that cue, Sonika, rolled up her sleeves and in true Sonika style studied everything she could about the image industry, and the results shocked her.

Brand Image consulting was thriving abroad, and there was not a trickle in India at that time. Sonika found her calling in that moment. In 2011 she started Brand & Image Studio where she started transforming lives. The immense learning, the vast experience Sonika had, the various transitions she went through and the exposure to the variety of cultures & countries gave her an insight about her abilities, her strengths and her opportunity to lead and influence people.

Her belief in "I'm not in competition with anybody but myself. My goal is to beat my last performance", reassures her clients that she's here for their needs. Her diligent follow through, attention to detail, and quick grasping capabilities aids her in helping a variety of people, and ensures they achieve their roles & goals to make a positive difference in their lives.


Brand & Image Studio, is the first experiential Image consulting studio in Pune. We help clients upgrade their identity to increase confidence and professionalism. The studio puts forward 7 years of knowledge and expertise using a direct, honest, and collaborative approach to empower and improve the lives of countless people through their services. The studio offers a range of experiences, from 1:1 consulting with clients to workshops and seminars. We cater to individuals as well as large corporate houses.